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Key contacts

Director General Dr. Stephen Hall Bio s.hall@cgiar.org
Deputy Director General, Research Director Dr. Patrick Dugan Bio p.dugan@cgiar.org
Aquaculture and Genetic Improvement Dr. Malcolm Beveridge Bio m.beveridge@cgiar.org
Policy, Economics and Social Science Dr. Charles Crissman Bio c.crissman@cgiar.org
Natural Resources Management Dr. Neil Andrew Bio n.andrew@cgiar.org
Communications and Donor Relations Dr. Klaus von Grebmer Bio k.vongrebmer@cgiar.org
Finance and Administration Mr. Wayne Rogers Bio w.rogers@cgiar.org
People and Organisational Development Ms. Diane Willis Bio d.willis@cgiar.org

Regions Africa Ms. Tabeth Matiza Chiuta Bio t.chiuta@cgiar.org
Asia Dr. Maripaz Perez Bio ma.perez@cgiar.org
Pacific Dr. Neil Andrew Bio n.andrew@cgiar.org

Countries Bangladesh   Dr. Craig Meisner Bio worldfish-bangladesh@cgiar.org
Cambodia   Mr. Alan Brooks   Bio worldfish-cambodia@cgiar.org
Egypt   Dr. Gamal Othman El-Naggar Bio g.naggar@cgiar.org
Malawi Ms. Tabeth Matiza Chiuta Bio t.chiuta@cgiar.org
Philippines Dr. Maripaz Perez Bio worldfish-philippines@cgiar.org
Solomon Islands Ms. Delvene Boso Bio d.boso@cgiar.org
Zambia Ms. Tabeth Matiza Chiuta Bio t.chiuta@cgiar.org

Director General - Dr. Stephen J. Hall
Dr. Stephen J. Hall was appointed Director General of WorldFish in March 2004. He was previously Director of the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) and was a member of Prime Minister’s Steering Committee on Mapping Australia’s Innovation System from 2003 until 2004.  He also served as Director of Lincoln Marine Science Center, Australia, worked in Flinders University as Professor of Marine Biology, and as Section Head (Fish Biology) in the Scottish Office Agriculture Environment and Fisheries Dept, Marine Lab Aberdeen, UK. In January 2005, Dr Hall was awarded the Public Service Medal for outstanding service as Director of the Australian Institute of Marine Science. In 2001, he was awarded a Pew Fellowship in Marine Conservation in recognition of his contributions to fisheries and marine science in Australia.  He has published extensively in the scientific and development literature on tropical fisheries and aquaculture. Dr. Hall has a Ph.D. in Marine Ecology and a B.Sc. in Marine Biology and Biochemistry. He is also a Graduate, Australian Institute of Company Directors. s.hall@cgiar.org

Deputy Director General, Research Director - Dr. Patrick Dugan 
Dr. Dugan is responsible for the development of the Center's scientific research strategy and for regional programs across Africa. From 1984, till he joined the Center in 2000, Dr. Dugan was attached to IUCN-The World Conservation Union. During that period he held various positions, the last being the Global Program Director based in Switzerland. Over the course of his career he has worked extensively in Africa, Asia and Latin America at local, national and regional levels. Dr. Dugan has a Ph.D. and B.Sc. in Zoology. p.dugan@cgiar.org

Aquaculture and Genetic Improvement - Dr. Malcolm Beveridge
Dr. Malcolm Beveridge joined WorldFish as the Discipline Director of the Aquaculture and Genetic Improvement discipline in April 2006. Dr. Beveridge obtained his Ph.D. in Aquatic Ecology from the University of Glasgow, United Kingdom. Dr. Beveridge has more than 25 years research experience in aquatic resources management including aquaculture and fisheries and their impacts, GIS, habitat restoration, limnology and fish ecology cumulating in 150 scientific papers, books and articles. He has 20 years experience of implementing research and capacity building projects with multidisciplinary partners in both tropical and temperate parts of the world. Dr. Beveridge was previously the Director of the Fisheries Research Services Freshwater Laboratory in Scotland. M.Beveridge@cgiar.org

Policy, Economics, and Social Science – Dr. Charles Crissman
Charles Crissman joined WorldFish in August 2010. He was previously at the International Potato Center posted in the Lima HQ and in offices in Quito and Nairobi. His most recent job at CIP was as Deputy Director General – Research from 2005 until 2010. Previously he had been CIP’s regional leader for SSA and program leader for uptake and utilization. Originally from North Carolina in the USA, Charles is an agricultural economist with his doctorate from the University of California-Davis and M.Sc. from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Specialized in production economics, his research focused on seed systems management, impact assessment, and the agricultural, environmental and human health impacts of pesticide use by small farm households. His 25 years in international agricultural research in Asia, Africa and Latin America has given him a long view of changing context of the CG system and the use and utility of well planned impact assessment as part of the research process. c.crissman@cgiar.org

Natural Resource Management - Dr. Neil Andrew
Ph.D. in Fisheries Ecology, University of Sydney (Australia). Neil has participated in a wide range of fisheries and ecological research globally, including assessing stocks in shellfish fisheries, rocky reef ecology, fishery observer programs, prawn trawl by-catch, invasion ecology, echinoderm population biology, ecological effects of fishing, stock enhancement, population biology of seaweeds, experimental design and analysis. He is skilled at liaising with community and stakeholder groups to design and execute fisheries research programs, and at translating research outputs into management outcomes. He came to WorldFish from New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research in 2005. Neil’s publishing credits include 48 articles in refereed journals, two books as editor and six book chapters, and dozens of refereed reports on New Zealand fisheries.n.andrew@cgiar.org

Communications and Donor Relations - Dr. Klaus von Grebmer
Klaus is acting director of the communication and donor relations division. He earned his master and Ph.D. degrees in economics from Kiel University, Germany. He was director of  the International Food Policy Research Institute's communications division from 1999 till end of 2011 and before that for 26 years with the private sector in Switzerland as a business consultant, health economist, and senior manager in communications and issues management. He focuses on ways to communicate with policymakers in developing countries and to key stakeholders in developed countries in order to enhance the impact of  research findings. k.vongrebmer@cgiar.org

Finance & Administration -  Mr. Wayne Rogers

People and Organizational Development -  Ms. Diane Willis
Diane Willis joined WorldFish in October 2011 as Director, People and Organisational Development. Diane comes to WorldFish from her previous position with ChildFund International where for more than 6 years she was the Vice President People and Culture, based in Virginia USA. In her current role, Diane is responsible for the development, implementation and oversight of a global people strategy and enabling systems. Core priorities are the development of leadership and management skills, building organizational capability, and embedding values and systems to drive a performance culture that delivers strategic outcomes. With more than 26 years experience in business, including more than 10 years with global consulting firms, Diane has diverse experience in both for profit and non-profit organizations, and across a broad range of industries. Her consulting expertise focused largely on change management, organizational development, executive coaching and leadership development. Diane is a trustee with the UK based ‘People In Aid’ organisation, and is the founding Director and non-executive board member of FDCC (the Foundation for Developing Cambodian Communities) a non-denominational Cambodian NGO with a focus on community development projects. She is an experienced educator, having taught at colleges in Australia and Cambodia. Willis holds a Masters degree in Education, and has undertaken post-graduate studies in Adult Learning and Management. Diane is commencing further studies with an International Development focus in 2012.  She studied her bachelor’s degree in Criminology at Melbourne University. d.willis@cgiar.org

Africa - Ms Tabeth Matiza Chiuta
Tabeth Chiuta has had 18 years experience with IUCN and GWP (Global Water Partnership) in various positions and has been successful in raising over $33m of donor funds during her time at IUCN as well as managing her internal financial budgets during her various positions. For the past two years, she has been working as a private consultant for WATENN Consultants who specialize in water, environment and natural resources. She developed, launched and managed the implementation of IUCN Regional Office for Southern Africa Field Programs for 4 years. This entailed providing leadership in the development and coordination of all IUCN Regional Offices in Southern Africa field operations in 12 countries and supervising program implementation team comprising of 20 professional and support staff located in a decentralized structure in 5 countries. Tabeth holds an Masters of Science from the University of East Anglia, UK and has had considerable experience supervising team members and coordinating projects both within IUCN as well as external project members. t.chiuta@cgiar.org

Asia -  Dr. Maripaz Perez
Dr. Maripaz L. Perez, a Filipino national who obtained her Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from the University of the Philippines, was formerly the Undersecretary for Regional Operations of the Department of Science and Technology of the Government of the Philippines. She has held several other government positions, briefly taught at the University of the Philippines in Los Banos and the Technology Management Center in UP Diliman and has also been involved in various research projects and consultancy engagements . She supervised the implementation of the Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SET-UP) of the Department and the operation of the Science Foundation Unit in charge of the accreditation of science and technology foundations in the Philippines. She has vast institutional experience and wide professional network in Asia. ma.perez@cgiar.org
Bangladesh -  Dr. Craig Meisner
Craig Meisner is the new Country Director for Bangladesh, and Regional Director for South Asia. Craig has obtained his PhD in Agronomy and Crop Science from the University of Georgia, and a Master of Science in Agronomy from North Carolina State University. He will provide leadership and guidance to WorldFish Bangladesh based on his extensive professional experiences with ACIAR, IRRI, CIMMYT, IFDC and other various organizations. His lifetime goal is to place poor farmers first in international agricultural research and rural development, not only in their role and responsibility in meeting food security, but also as the actual people who are often food insecure in the first place.  Through them, be part of an institution/team whose goal is the betterment of rural communities’ livelihoods through agriculture/rural research and social development. c.meisner@cgiar.org
Cambodia - Mr. Alan Brooks
Alan obtained his M.Sc. in Aquaculture and Fisheries Management in 1988 and joined WorldFish as Portfolio Director for South Asia in Jan. 2006. He has international program development experience from almost two decades of working in poverty-sensitive fisheries and aquaculture development in five developing countries (22 years in Thailand, India, Bangladesh, Zambia and Malawi). The wider international experience complements over  10 years senior project management and 2 years monitoring of natural resource portfolio of livelihood projects in Bangladesh. He has considerable long-term project experience in program management and development, project design implementation, monitoring and evaluation, aquaculture production technologies.  His current focus is on  post disaster response mechanisms and coping strategies for fisheries and aquaculture, cage culture for ethnic minority groups, wetland management approaches and cross cutting issues such as climate change, environmental impact, global trade, gender, socio-economic issues. a.brooks@cgiar.org
Egypt- Dr. Gamal Othman El-Naggar
Dr. Gamal Othman El-Naggar is an Aquaculture specialist and research scientist with more than 15 years experience in fisheries development and technologies, and currently holds the position of Regional Director for WorldFish in Egypt. His scientific research experience includes fish hatchery management and seed production, fish production technologies, fish nutrition and aquaculture. Currently, Dr. Gamal is focused on sustainable aquaculture technologies and production systems, as well as the assessment of water management as a means of enhancing water productivity for improving productivity and profitability of integrated agriculture aquaculture practices. Since joining WorldFish in 1998, He has been instrumental in leading and publishing journals for the improvement of Aquaculture technologies and fish production for Tilapia and other species of fish in Africa and other parts of the world. He holds a PhD in Aquaculture. g.naggar@cgiar.org

Solomon Islands - Ms. Delvene Boso
Delvene Boso was appointed Solomon Islands Country Manager in December 2011. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Applied Sciences majoring in Marine Science and Management at Southern Cross University, Australia. As a recent graduate, she joined WorldFish in May 2007 as a Research Analyst. In this role, she assisted WorldFish scientists in developing and conducting socioeconomic surveys, and written a number of non-refereed publications under the Community Based Adaptive Management banner (CBAM). As a Country Manager she provides leadership for staff in three offices, and maintains partnerships with national institutional stakeholders, including representing WorldFish in the Solomon Islands National Coordination Committee of the Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Fisheries and Food Security (CTI-CFF). d.boso@cgiar.org