WorldFish is researching the policy and management changes necessary to improve resilience and productivity of small-scale fisheries. 

Globally, fisheries are being overfished. Pollution, environmental degradation and rapid development further compound the stress on these natural resources. In developing countries, production is also diminished by poor access to markets, inequitable fishing rights, ineffective fisheries management and conflicting policies. Today, small-scale fisheries must be managed so that a broader range of socioeconomic benefits can be sustainably realized. 

WorldFish research focuses on: (1) including small-scale fisheries in national and regional development policies; (2) integrating assessment and advisory systems for small-scale fisheries management; (3) improving management and governance of small-scale fisheries; and (4) building institutional capacity for adaptive learning among small-scale fishers.

Together with our partners, WorldFish is pursuing resilience research through the CGIAR Research Program on Aquatic Agricultural Systems and Policy Institutions and Markets.

WorldFish's Impact By 2024