WorldFish  improves and diversifies value chains and promotes more equitable participation in them. 

Small-scale fishers and fish farmers have discovered that adopting new technologies is often not enough to increase their productivity unless the fish value chain for their products is enhanced at the same time. Improved value chains lead to increased production and consumption of fish, especially by poor consumers, and increased income for producers, processors and traders.

WorldFish's value chain research focuses on: (1) improving the efficiency of producing, processing and trading fish;  (2) producing or marketing more sophisticated products with increased value;  (3) reducing negative impacts such as waste, impact on natural resources or exploitation of people;  (4) changing or adding functions in the value chain; and (5) improving coordination between actors in the value chain and promoting gender equality and sustainable development.

Together with our partners, WorldFish is pursuing value chain research through the CGIAR Research Programs on Livestock and Fish and Aquatic Agricultural Systems.

WorldFish’s contribution to the SDGs

As an international non-profit research organization committed to reducing poverty and hunger, WorldFish seeks to maximize the health,  social and economic impact of our work.