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CPWF E-Letter, April 2012

Director's Message

The last couple of months have marked an exciting period for CPWF and its partners. As we have refined and crafted our logic, numerous opportunities have arisen to present these messages at fora around the world.

One major exercise we worked on was to hone our messages based on Phase 1 results, emerging lessons from Phase 2 research, release of the Basin Focal Project Book and discussions at the Third International Forum on Water and Food.

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About CPWF

The Challenge Program on Water and Food was launched in 2002 as one of the reform initiatives of the CGIAR, the CGIAR. CPWF aims to increase the resilience of social and ecological systems through better water management for food production (crops, fisheries and livestock). We do this through an innovative research and development approach that brings together a broad range of scientists, development specialists, policy makers and communities, in six river basins, to address the challenges of food security, poverty and water scarcity.

The CPWF is part of the CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems.This new program combines the resources of 14 CGIAR centers and numerous partners to provide an integrated approach to natural resource management (NRM) research, and to the delivery of its outputs. The program focuses on the three critical issues of water scarcity, land degradation and ecosystem services, as well as sustainable natural resource management. It will also make substantial contributions to improved food security, poverty alleviation and improved natural resource management.