A summit accelerating ocean-related solutions and investment opportunities to spearhead action on ocean and climate issues for Pacific Islanders.

Date: Saturday-Friday, 14-20 May 2022

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The ocean is life-giving to humanity and the biosphere. It provides us with food, oxygen, income, and energy. It is a vast carbon and heat store, protecting us from climate change. Yet it is under threat. Human actions are causing rising sea levels, warmer temperatures, ocean acidification, biodiversity loss, and ecosystem damage through chemical pollutants. The health of our oceans is bound to the health of people and our planet. We urgently need action to reverse the downward spiral.

Solutions do exist but need backing with the expertise, resources, networks, and influence to go to scale. The Summit has identified compelling real-world projects that target six blue climate missions: climate change mitigation, ocean protection, CO2 removal, healthy blue communities, sustainable tourism, and improved ocean understanding. Together, we will focus on an action-based conversation to ensure these projects have a transformative impact.

The Blue Climate Summit is an endorsed action of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development and is co-hosted with the Government of French Polynesia alongside other public and private institutions. The Summit will bring together scientists, environmental activists, business leaders, policymakers, financial experts, community leaders, influencers, and youth leaders to accelerate solutions to some of the greatest challenges facing humankind.

As part of our commitments to the goals of the Blue Climate Summit, WorldFish will continue to advance research and innovations to inspire and inform action on ocean and climate stewardship, which are intrinsic to the South Pacific. Through our research and innovation, we will promote key actions to support this integrated approach in relation to WorldFish's '2030 Research and Innovation Strategy' and CGIAR's initiative in 'Resilient Aquatic Foods for Healthy People and Planet.'

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We look forward to your active participation.

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