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The Ian R. Smith Memorial Library and Documentation Center is more than a comprehensive collection of fisheries and aquatic science literature. Set up in 1978, it has grown from an in-house service to take part in activities leading towards the development of efficient worldwide information systems on aquatic resources. The library is committed to its mission, which is "to develop new and better information services to support the Center's mission to reduce poverty and hunger by improving fisheries and aquaculture.
Library collection
The strength of the library lies in its specialised collection on tropical fisheries and aquaculture, in the Asian, African, and Pacific regions. Documents covered include reference books, monographs, reports and reprints and valuable grey literature with subject coverage ranging from biological research to sociology and economics. The library catalog comprises over 32 000 bibliographic references with abstracts and links to free full text.
This database covers WorldFish publications as well as contributions by our researchers to other external publishers.
The WorldFish library is one of the 15 CGIAR libraries. This catalog allows simultaneous search across resources held by the 14 Centers libraries.
The library is open to public for on-site use only. Prior arrangement of visits are required.
Monday – Friday: 9 am – 5 pm
For enquiry: please contact William Ko (email: w.ko@cgiar.org) or Jocilla Ooi (email: j.ooi@cgiar.org)