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BRAC teams up with WorldFish

Dhaka, June 13: International Centre for Living Aquatic Resources management (ICLARM) also known as WorldFish and BRAC Fisheries, BRAC enterprises, BRAC has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to improve the enterprise activities and research on fisheries in order to develop the fisheries sector and spread the benefits to larger numbers of farming household in Bangladesh at BRAC centre in the city recently, says a press release. Dr Stephen J Hall, director general, WorldFish, and Muhammad (Rumee) Ali, managing director, BRAC Enterprises and Investments, BRAC, signed the agreement.

Under this MoU, both parties are agreed to collaborate to improve fish, shrimp and prawn seed quality throughout Bangladesh by disseminate improved brood stock/Germplasm of commercially important species,  provide technical and other assistance in improving quality seed production and distribution of improved varieties and supply  to farmer associated with both clients; WorldFish will provide capacity building support to BRAC staff, for conducting action research aiming to ensure higher levels of production and reduce the cost of production, developing the market chain of fish/fisheries products and adaption of the cage culture technology in cultivated pond; Both clients are also agreed to emphasize, empower and encourage women farmers to enter in this sector.