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Chicken of the Sea? Spotlight on Tilapia and Sea Cucumber [video]

A recent video by Earth's Frontiers brings into focus the importance of aquaculture to a growing population. This look at aquaculture and Tilapia farming shows just how important this will be in the very near future. Tilapia: Chicken of the Sea?states that the aquaculture industry is currently growing at 7% per year and is the fastest growing indudstry in the agricultural sector. With the planet's population reaching 7 billion last month, it is imperative that we find a sustainable way to harvest and produce fish protein in greater numbers while continuing our work in natural resource management to ensure that fish stocks in the world's oceans are not destroyed.
The aquaculture industry has seen rapid growth in the last decade, and a new Food and Agriculture (FAO) report states that almost half of the world's seafood is produced by fish farming. In some parts of Africa, fish is the primary animal protein consumed and can be as high as 40kg eaten on average per person each year. The growing demand of seafood will need to be met by aquaculture, and the UN has called for the aquaculture industry to double their production again.
This video also illustrates the importance of another marine creature: sea cucumber. Considered a delacy in parts of Asia, sea cucumber production is a highly profitable industry, providing many parts Asia and the Pacific with a steady stream of income. Sea cucumber stocks have been slowly depleted and it is becoming increasingly diffiicult to source sea cucumber in the oceans.