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Round up of the Third International Forum on Water and Food November 14-17 in Tshwane, South Africa


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Round up of the Third International Forum on Water and Food

Reflections from the Director: telling a story of change and emotion

"One story that resonated with me this week was not about the technical aspects or the models we are testing out. One participant urged us to remember that enabling change deals with people's emotions: their fears and hopes. This is essential to consider when designing solutions that enable change for people."

From Dr. Alain Vidal's closing remarks at the IFWF Read more

The Third International Forum on Water and Food ran from November 14-17. More than 300 participants gathered in Tshwane, South Africa to share lessons and experiences as well as discuss how CPWF research is addressing issues related to food security, poverty reduction and sustainable natural resource management. In this e-letter you can find links to various reports and news generated from the Forum. Please take some time to visit the Forum website.


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You can find video and audio interviews with participants


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The IFWF received widespread media attention. Articles can be found here


Next steps

The Forum generated a tremendous amount of interest, content and material, over the coming months, please look out for the following:

  1. Forum synthesis report will be ready by February 2012
  2. Further blog posts on stories and issues related to the forum will be posted
  3. A Forum summary of the Policy Impact Panel will be sent out in the coming week
  4. Forum evaluation in English, Spanish and French

About CPWF

The Challenge Program on Water and Food was launched in 2002 as one of the reform initiatives of the CGIAR. CPWF aims to increase the resilience of social and ecological systems through better water management for food production (crops, fisheries and livestock). CPWF does this through an innovative research and development approach that brings together a broad range of scientists, development specialists, policy makers and communities, in six river basins, to address the challenges of food security, poverty and water scarcity.


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