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WorldFish increasingly publishes short films, videos and audio files on our work. We also publish, with permission, related work from our partners. See the latest audio and video files below or visit the WorldFish YouTube channel.

Title Summary Duration
Beels of Bangladesh
In Bangladesh, the world 'Beel' means a lake with static water. To better manage these flood plain fisheries and alleviate the poverty of communities living around these rich ecosystems, scientists worked with fishing co-operatives for improved fisheries management as part of the CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems.
IFAD Small Fish and Nutrition Project Bangladesh: some findings from a qualitative evaluation
MIPH graduate Liz presents her research and field experiences working for WorldFish in Bangladesh.
Cage fish and small fish culture can bring changes for poor of Bangladesh
Throughout Bangladesh there are many and varied water bodies offering considerable potential for fish cultivation. But poor farmers are unable to provide all the inputs required for intensive production methods. 
Mobile Fish Hatchery and PCR tested shrimp seeds radically increases Spawn and shrimp production in Bangladesh
The Halda River is the best pure Indian carp breeding river in Bangladesh and the major source of naturally produced carp fry. But traditional method of egg hatching often leads to low hatching and survival rates of spawn.
Milt Bank can double fish hatchery production in Bangladesh
Fish hatcheries of Bangladesh have started using milt purchased from Milt Bank that can revolutionize the country’s fish production. Hatcheries of Bangladesh maintain similar numbers of male and female brood fish or outsource males to produce fry.
Simple Technology changed Fish Hatchery production scenario in Bangladesh Simple technology changed fish hatchery production scenario in Bangladesh
Most of the fish hatcheries of Bangladesh are situated at Jessore district. Oxygen concentration in the water of these hatcheries is very low and carbon dioxide level is higher than desired.
Indigenous knowledge to combat climate change
An international forum in Darwin has been told that traditional land management practices are helping to combat the effects of climate change.
A Glimpse From the Field: A Ganges Study Tour
The Ganges Basin Development Challenge (GBDC) is working in southern part of Bangladesh and in West Bengal of India. A GBDC field trip visited project sites in the southern part (Barisal, Patuakhali, Khulna, Barguna) of Bangladesh from Oct 31 to Nov 05, 2012.
Development in difficult places – how do we reach the billion people that have been left behind?
Steve discusses different approaches to achieving development outcomes and re-imagines agricultural research in development.
Interviews with thought leaders: Gender transformational research in development
Following the recent transformative gender reserach dialogue, 'Building Coalitions, Creating Change', held by WorldFish in Penang, Malaysia, the dialogue participants shared their inputs in a semi formal interview.