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WorldFish increasingly publishes short films, videos and audio files on our work. We also publish, with permission, related work from our partners. See the latest audio and video files below or visit the WorldFish YouTube channel.

Title Summary Duration
Fish and nutrition - Not all fish are created equal.
Expiscor. Podcast by Stephen Hall.

The idea that fish is a healthy diet choice is widespread, but fish differ in the benefits they offer, with implications for how we help the malnourished.

7min 56sec
Fish - Making a meal of it
Expiscor. Podcast by Stephen Hall.

27 millions tonnes of fish are used each year to feed animals - can we use these fish better?

Plenty of fish in the sea?
Expiscor. Podcast by Stephen Hall.

How many of us have been told at some point in our lives "don't worry...there's plenty more fish in the sea"? This old proverb might comfort us for disappointment in love, but taken in its most literal sense, few people seem to believe it.

8min 22sec
After the tsunami: Shrimp Aquaculture Farming in Aceh
Experienced farmers in Bangladesh explain how they manage water quality in ponds in low-lying paddy fields in between two cropping seasons, and why it is crucial for fish production
6min 25sec
WorldFish Science Week 2011 Wrap Up
WorldFish Science Week 2011
9min 2sec
Building Reslience of Community Fisheries in the Tonle Sap Lake Cambodia
The video shows how a low cost, whole-system approach to stakeholder engagement can catalyze actions to address conflict over natural resources.
9min 38sec
Awakening Hope
The Integrated Planning for Sustainable Water Management (IPSWAM) project was conceived to assist the Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) in developing participatory water management methodology. In this video some of the beneficiaries who participated in the project share their experiences.
20min 33sec
Farmed fish feed more, pollute less
As overfishing continues to deplete ocean fish populations, farmed fish have stepped in to fill the gap.  The report, presented at a conference in Thailand, finds the industry has grown at such a rapid pace that it now supplies nearly half the fish eaten on the planet.
4min 24sec
Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change by CCAFS
Interviews with Commissioners - the Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change.
8 Videos, total 30min 10sec
NBC visits site of WorldFish aquaculture research in Malawi for families affected by HIV
HIV-affected farmers living in rural Malawi are getting a financial boost from fish farming - nearly a fifth of Malawi's adult population is infected with the virus. NBC's Stephanie Gosk reports.
2min 12sec