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Video and audio

WorldFish increasingly publishes short films, videos and audio files on our work. We also publish, with permission, related work from our partners. See the latest audio and video files below or visit the WorldFish YouTube channel.

Title Summary Duration
One Planet - 2050: An Earth Odyssey
By 2050 it's predicted there will be over 9 billion people on the earth. Reports have also said that there could be no fish left in the oceans by that year.
Lands of the Lake
This movie follows fish migration along the Mekong River down to the amazing fisheries of the Tonle Sap Lake. The influence of built structures on the water, on the environment, on fish and on people's livelihoods is presented in particular through 3D animations.
Salaphoum: Learning from Experiences in Villager Led Action Research
This video is a community produced file made on location in tow Salaphoum villages in Stung Treng, NE Cambodia. It forms part of an ongoing social research initiative supported by the local NGO CEPA and WorldFish, with financial support provided by Sida through the Wetlands Alliance.
7min 39sec
Fish culture in Rajshahi, Bangladesh
This video is the work of a team of four people, two men and two women, from the village of Melandi, Rajshahi province, Bangladesh. Produced as part of a research-for-development project, implemented by WorldFish and supported by the Challenge Program on Water and Food, the video relates the experience of people in the community since the introduction of the Community-based Fish Culture project in 2006.
9min 58sec
Melandi: The Island of Dreams and Success
The film was intended to let the people from Melandi village in Bangladesh speak for themselves, as the main participants in a fish culture project that began in 2007. The project, 'community-based fish culture in seasonal floodplains' involves the people of Melandi, local landowners and the local fisheries agency.
10min 22sec
Big Fish Small Fry
This film reports on some unintended consequences resulting from changes in fishing practices on Lake Victoria (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania). Following investment from aid organizations and international development banks, a small scale local or regional fishery has become a commercial, export driven fishery providing Nile perch for the European, Japanese and American markets, and sardines for fishmeal.
8min 6sec
Dr. Stephen Hall, Director General BBC Asia interview with Dr. Stephen Hall, Director General (WorldFish)

BBC film on overfishing in tropical Asian waters

3min 38sec
Fish farming supports HIV-affected families in Africa
Malawi — the food crisis is adding to the misery of countries already crippled by other burdens like drought and HIV. Here people are turning to fish farming, not only for food and income but also as a way to cope with the challenges of HIV — in particular the orphans from AIDS. This video takes a look at WorldFish's work with partners to reduce poverty and hunger in Africa through fish farming.
1min 34sec
Fish for life: rehabilitating lives after natural disasters
Coastal areas, the inhabitants of which are often dependant on fish for food and income, are increasingly those most affected by natural disasters. This video takes a look at how one remote fishing community in Aceh Indonesia, which was totally destroyed following the 2004 tsunami, is benefiting from rehabilitation efforts by WorldFish & partners that put the community at the heart of planning and implementing new options for their future.
Deadly Catch: Lake Victoria's AIDS Crisis
More than 20 years since the discovery of the AIDS virus, and despite huge advances in the prevention and treatment of the disease, AIDS is still decimating communities across Africa. This is the story of one such community.
8min 18sec