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Trace: Climate Change: Can we be pre-emptive?

The past month, I attended the START- Regional Workshop on Southeast Asia Climate Change and Health Issues in Taiwan with representatives from about 15 different countries, mostly South East Asia. Here I reflect the synthesis of my understanding during the event.  My background in natural resource management and recent work research interest in climate change adaptation kept me conveniently aligned with impact on land and water dynamics, inadvertently discounting the climate change impact on human health. Mankind evidently is bearing the burden of climate change along with other global challenges like increasing population, poverty, hunger, AIDS, war and disasters These all somehow intricately link both on the context of ‘cause’ and ‘impact’ with humankind. Dr. Louis Verchot, Scientist from Center for International Forestry Research, Indonesia puts it as ‘… climate change seems an additional stress to an already overtaxed system’.

Source: http://trace.apcc21.net/guest-articles/climate-change-and-health-can-we-be-preemptive/