New Chair for WorldFish as Ambassador Gautschi completes tenure
Monday, 17th November 2014
Ambassador Remo Gautschi will come to the end of his six-year tenure as Chair of the WorldFish Board of Trustees at the end of 2014.
What is Blue Growth and why is it important?
Monday, 17th November 2014
“Blue Growth” is fast becoming a fashionable term. Drawing on the concept of ‘Green Growth,’ which describes how national or international strategies can achieve...
Are aquaculture and fisheries a solution to food insecurity?
Friday, 7th November 2014
In Bangladesh, more than 20 million people currently suffer from undernutrition, and nearly a third of the population live in poverty.  


Communication interventions for gender equality and social equity in aquatic agricultural systems: A review of the literature
In light of recent calls to integrate gender equality and social equity (GESE) strategies into development projects, researchers have begun to explore the gender-related inequalities in aquatic...
Gender-equity or gender-equality scales and indices for potential use in aquatic agricultural systems
This report summarizes existing gender equality/equity scales or indices found in a review of the literature, conducted to inform the design and evaluation of a communication intervention to...
Informal fish retailing in rural Egypt: Opportunities to enhance income and work conditions for women and men
Poor rural consumers benefit from Egypt’s aquaculture sector through access to small and medium-sized farmed tilapia sold by informal fish retailers, many of whom are women.