WorldFish report 2010/11

This year's report contains the Director General's and Chairman's statements illustrating the major thrust of and progress with the approved 2011 strategy. It incorporates details of the financial statement for the past year. There are highlights from projects covering the enhancement of coastal fisheries, livelihood in the Philippines, programs on lake fisheries in Malawi, to capacity building in terms of long term training for local partners and stakeholders.

Women's traditional fishery and alternative aquatic resource livelihood strategies in the Southern Cameroonian Rainforest

To inform the development of alternative livelihoods, the women's traditional alok fishery in the Campo-Ma'an National Park and buffer zone of southern Cameroon were studied over 15 months. Participatory rural appraisal was used to characterise livelihood strategies among 45 households. Thirty-three cultured crops, nine farmed animal species and 65 non-timber forest products, including 31 bushmeat species are cultivated in, or harvested from, the forest. Transport is a major impediment to commercial trade of all local products.

Who's working on Mugil culture.

The findings are presented of a survey conducted regarding research on Mugil culture; emphasis was given to publications from the tropics and subtropics, particularly from developing regions. The literature search used ASFA, the ICLARM library and professional staff collections. It was found that during the period 1932-90 there were 203 articles published; of these, 41% were on the subject of reproduction, induced breeding and seed, 26% on culture systems, 12% on general discussions, 11% on diseases/parasites, and 10% on nutrition.

Who's working on fishpond aeration

The findings are provided of a literature search conducted on the topic of fishpond aeration, using ASFA for the period 1971-1990 and the ICLARM library and professional staff collection. A total of 97 articles were found. The type of publication is indicated and details given of some of the recent publications and some research institutions working in this field.

Wetlands of the Yellow River Delta: a heritage to conserve and treasure [chinese version]

The wetlands of the Yellow River delta face a situation common in many developing countries where the quest for rapid economic growth brings development to the doorstep of natural ecosystems and threatens their health and survival. This brief examines the several issues relating to wetlands in the Dongying municipality. Can the wetlands in Dongying coexist with the modern development that is creeping towards them? Is there sufficient appreciation that these wetlands are worth caring for?

Weight-fecundity relationships of Nigerian fish populations.

Parameters a and b of the power body weight (W) - fecundity (F=a W super(b)) are presented for 25 populations comprising 15 species of Nigerian fishes. Estimates of b varied between 0.511 (Parauchenoglanis akin) and 1.654 (Periophthalmus barbarus) with a mean of 1.087 (s.d.=0.520). The maximum weight of populations examined did not significantly influence the relative magnitude of b. The parameters proportional to and beta of the linear weight-fecundity relationship (F= proportional to + beta W) are also presented for 27 fish populations from 22 species.


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