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CGIAR Research Programs

The CGIAR Research Programs are major programs of research reaching across the CGIAR Centers and their partners. They are organized under seven thematic areas as defined by the CGIAR Consortium's Strategy and Results Framework.  These CGIAR Research Programs are strategic, and are designed to bring together relevant stakeholders on all research-related activities ranging from bidding for funds, through planning, implementation, monitoring and coordinating, to synthesizing outputs and communicating results. They are the cornerstone of the CGIAR, in that they represent a strategic priority and results-driven research agenda.
The 15 CGIAR Research Programs are each designed to contribute towards the CGIAR’s strategic objectives. These are:
  • Create sustainable increases in the productivity and production of healthy food by and for the poor (Food for People).
  • Conserve, enhance and sustainably use natural resources and biodiversity to improve the livelihoods of the poor in response to climate change and other factors (Environment for People).
  • Promote policy and institutional change that will stimulate agricultural growth and equity to benefit the poor, especially rural women and other disadvantaged groups (Policy for People).
WorldFish will contribute to six of the 15 CGIAR Research Programs, and take the lead in the CGIAR Research Program on Aquatic Agricultural Systems.
Listing of all CGIAR Research Programs.