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Adopting a ‘value chain’ approach

Stimulating update of solutions to increase productivity and ‘grow’ small-scale production and marketing systems required addressing the whole value chain, ensuring there is sufficient ‘pull’ from the market for the product and ‘push’ from the market for inputs and services, as well as an enabling policy environment.

Focus, focus, focus…

All of our research for development efforts will be concentrated on transforming only a few value chains in selected countries, chosen based on their potential for pro-poor growth and extension more widely. The target aquaculture value chains for WorldFish are:
  • Small-scale aquaculture in Uganda and Egypt

Working more closely with development partners to achieve quick impact at scale

We seek to accelerate recent experiences in which research generates solutions and evidence to stimulate large development interests, allowing these solutions to go quickly to scale for impact and research to continue playing a strategic knowledge partner role. This is a new model for directly embedding our impact pathways into our research strategy.

Continuing to ensure global public goods and future productivity growth

Our efforts on the front line to transform selected pro-poor value chains will be supported by cross-cutting research platforms to provide the needed methodologies, capture the lessons, and ensure future breakthroughs are already in the pipeline.