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Ongoing Projects

Adding fish to the mix: Diversifying agriculture for improved productivity

Bangladesh is a densely populated country facing increasing food security issues. Although the country has shown remarkable growth in agricultural production over the past 30 years, it has not yet achieved self-sufficiency in food production and is a net importer of rice (occasionally) and of...

Climate Change Adaptation in the Lake Chilwa Basin

Malawi has experienced a number of adverse climatic events in recent years. Lake Chilwa, a major lake in the country and an important resource has dried up nine times in the 20th Century due to low rainfall in the basin. and it is predicted that events of this nature will become more common...

Developing capacity in Myanmar’s fisheries

Myanmar lies between Bangladesh and Thailand on the Bay of Bengal and is the largest country in Southeast Asia. The tropical nation has an impressive coastline that forms a quarter of its total perimeter, stretching almost 2000 kilometers along the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea.
Adding fertiliser to land nursery tank - Aruligo, Solomon Islands

Developing inland aquaculture in Solomon Islands

Like other Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs), Solomon Islands has a great reliance on fish for food and income. In a total population of just over half a million people, some 75% of Solomon Islanders are subsistence-oriented, small-holder farmers and fishers; and fish accounts...

Fast-growing Fish Can Contribute to Poverty Reduction in the Volta Basin

As urban populations continue to expand rapidly in Africa, the continent’s demand for fish grows accordingly. Unfortunately, existing stocks of fish cannot keep pace with this growth. Fish accounts for over 30% of total animal protein consumption in the diets of Africa’s poor. In some countries...

Greening the economy: economic benefits of sustainable development

Balancing human demand for land and food with the need to protect the world’s dwindling natural resources is a global challenge. For developing nations, the challenge can seem insurmountable in the face of booming populations, entrenched poverty and limited institutional know-how for creating...


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