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Regional Programme on Fisheries and HIV/AIDS - Partners

The Regional Programme on Fisheries and HIV/AIDS works through technical partners at local, national and regional level.

The Consolidated List of Regional Programme partners provides an overview of partners that are officlally engaged with the Programme through a contract / Letter of Agreement / Memorandum of Understanding. Additionally, in each country component, the Programme shares and builds on the work of many other partners and stakeholders at different levels. Please contact the Programme Coordinator for any specific questions on our local, national and regional partnerships.

At regional level, the Programme is sharing knowledge and lessons learned with regional programmes and regional institutios, including:

For the East and Southern Africa sub-region, the Programme works with different (research) institutions at national and local level.

In Malawi / Mozambique, our partners are:

In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), our partners are:

In Zambia our partners are:

In Uganda our partners are:

For the West and Central Africa sub-region the Programme works with partners at regional and national level. Please contact the WCA component coordinator for details.