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Improving Food Security with Fish Aggregating Devices

Developing a Solomon Islands National Inshore Fish Aggregating Device Programme
Project leader
Joelle Albert
1 Nov 2010
31 Jul 2013

Fish aggregating device, Solomon Islands
In Solomon Islands, as well as in many other Pacific Island Countries and Territories, fish is a major source of protein, especially for rural and coastal people. However, growing populations combined with the effects of climate change and increased fishing pressure on inshore reef fisheries means the gap between fish demand and supply is increasing. If steps are not taken to alleviate this situation, it is predicted that a number of these countries and territories will be unable to meet their nutritional needs from reef fisheries by 2030 (Bell et al. 2009).

Inshore Fish Aggregating Devices Project

To ensure the population’s future food security requirements are met, the Solomon Islands government is committed to investigating new options for Solomon Islanders to access fish. One option that the Solomon Islands Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR) is trialing is the use of inshore Fish Aggregating Devices to increase coastal fishers’ accessibility to pelagic fish.
The ‘Developing a Solomon Islands National Inshore Fish Aggregating Devices Project, funded through a New Zealand Government fisheries support programme (‘Mekem Strong Solomon Islands Fisheries’), aims to deploy inshore fish aggregating devices in up to five provinces where community based management activities are already being implemented. WorldFish has designed a monitoring and evaluation framework to assess the effectiveness of these devices in improving food security.

Expanding the project’s reach

Ultimately, the project aims to increase the amount of pelagic fish that fishers catch in order to reduce the pressure on vulnerable reef fish. Analysis of the outcomes will shape future policy regarding the use of fish aggregating devices as a means to improve food security in the Solomon Islands and the wider Pacific.



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