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A message from Steve  
At two change workshops held in Penang recently, managers and staff gave the Senior Leadership Team some pretty clear messages about what they expected. Top of the list was regular information and discussion.
So because WorldFish is going through a lot of change this year we have built this microsite to do two things:
First, we want to make sure that updates on the key elements of our organizational change are posted regularly and available for easy reference. This site is where you will find them.
Second, we want to hear from you, so the page has a space where you can post comments and ask questions. Please use it. We promise to respond promptly.
I hope this site goes some way toward meeting your needs. We have also decided to make the micro-site accessible to people outside WorldFish so that they too can get a feel for the changes that are taking place.
I want to stress, however, that a microsite is no substitute for face to face conversation. In response to your feedback each member of the SLT has committed to talk regularly with their managers and keep them informed.
We expect those managers to meet with their staff and do the same. And all of us have an obligation to be a part of the conversation. If you all get engaged, we should all get on to the same page quite quickly.

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