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Team Effectiveness Workshops

It’s quite clear at WorldFish that team work is valued by the organization – after all it’s one of our core values. Last week, we in the Communication and Donor Relations (CDRD) team gave ourselves the gift of a day to reflect and learn about ourselves as a team.
This was one of a  series of team effectiveness workshops offered by Di and her team in Organizational Development. Using the Team Management Systems approach the workshops are designed to help us understand our work preferences, and those of our colleagues. By understanding how we like to work, and how we function as a team, we can increase both our productivity and enjoyment in the workplace.
We start off by identifying our preferences through completion of a work-based profile questionnaire, the results of which are used to create a profile summarizing our approach to work.
The profile details individual and leadership strengths, interpersonal skills and how as individuals we make decisions, and relate to others. This information is really helpful as it allows team members to better understand how to communicate with each other, and encourages mutual understanding and respect.
The Philippines office has also held a Team Effectiveness Workshop. Maripaz  and her team felt that the session brought them closer as a team, and helped them to identify effective team strategies.  
“The workshop allowed me to better understand the individual strengths and work motivators of everyone at the Philippine Office.  On this basis I was able to reassign tasks and responsibilities based on strengths, to make the team more effective and efficient,” Maripaz explained.
I echo Maripaz’s view; the CDRD team found the experience not only insightful but also good fun. One of our team – Maler Ramanathan – pointed out that despite knowing the rest of us in CDRD for a few months, she still learnt many new aspects of our personalities and work preferences.
“I had a great time with the team, and had a better chance to understand more about them in depth,” Maler said.
At this point our office in Egypt, Philippines and now CDRD has benefited from the Team Effectiveness workshops, and next week our office in the Solomon Islands will too. I would highly recommend these as a useful investment of time for any WorldFish team. They really are beneficial and provide an opportunity to pause from our busy work schedules to reflect on our personal and professional values.
If you’re interested in arranging a session for your team Di Willis at d.willis@cgiar.org will be happy to hear from you.
Fiona Chandler
Director, Communications and Donor Relations Division


WorldFish at a Glance

Some of the questions that have come up in several discussions of change at WorldFish concern how we operate and our organizational structure. This is clearly a source of confusion for some people, so the Senior Leadership Team devised a simple graphic to help explain.
On a single page you can see how our key functions relate to one another, how our organization is structured to deliver these functions and how these relate to the development and delivery of our research agenda.
Please use this graphic to discuss any uncertainties you have with your manager. We hope you find it useful.


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