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Corporate Identity Manual  
The 30 page Corporate Identity Manual is currently under development. Once complete each office (including Country Offices) will have a hard copy and a soft copy will be available on line.

The Corporate Identity will include:
Logo use                                        
Color palette                                   
Word /Powerpoint Templates
Image use
It should be noted that corporate identities are not static. As they change the softcopy and hardcopy will be amended accordingly. The hard copy manual will use a screw binding to allow simple and cost effective changes. When you refer to the manual please ensure you are accessing the latest edition. The latest edition will always be available via this link and on Fishnet.
To give you a sneak preview of the new Corporate Identity a brochure concept is shown below.
Design Strategy:
Image central to design
White background for logo ensures prominence
Title background uses the WorldFish blue
Semi transparent panel at the bottom adds intrigue to the image and strengthens the copy logo section
The brochure design has also been built to give a separate but similar identity to the individual CGIAR Research Programs we are involved with. Examples of these will be shown as the design nears completion.
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