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Freqently Asked Questions  
Q1: Where can I find a copy of the CI?
There is a hardcopy in each office and the softcopy can be accessed via ‘Corporate Identity – Corporate Identity Manual’ link.
Q2: Where do I go if I cannot reproduce communication to CI specifications?
Contact Florine, Jeevan or Sam from Communications and Donor Relations. They can guide you through the CI or produce the communication piece for you.
Q3: Will the logo change?
No. (However, senior management is currently looking at whether the word ‘Center’ is still relevant.)
Q4: Why is consistency in Corporate Identity important?
The more consistent the brand is, the more recognizable WorldFish becomes. Overtime this will make the WorldFish brand bigger and more influential within the industry, allowing us to help more people.
Q5: How does the Corporate Identity accommodate country specific branding requirements?
The CI provides letterhead and business cards that are country specific. Other country specific communication pieces, such as calendars, must comply within the CI. If you would like head office to produce these, please contact Florine, Jeevan or Sam from Communications and Donor Relations. 
Q6: What is the current timeline for the development and installation of OCS in WorldFish?
There are 2 development phases for the OCS system, base build and localization. Base build will be complete by July 2012 and localization by October 2012. After a period of testing the system will 'go-live' by December 1st 2012.Following this there will be a roll-out program, user training, and staged phase out of the systems the OCS will be replacing.
Q7: Will OCS be accessible from all WorldFish Country offices?
The simple answer to this is yes! But the means of accessing may vary from office to office to take account of local needs and constraints.

Q8: How and when will I find out more about the roll-out of OCS and what will it mean for me?
There are a number of activities being planned for later in the year and early next year. Wayne will be holding workshops in each of the country offices to explain the changing context in which we operate and how OCS will support this. A comprehensive package of training and support is planned for all end users to dovetail with the system roll-out plan. An OCS Google site is being established to provide more detailed information about OCS and its deployment in WorldFish. More information on this will be provided in an upcoming newsletter.

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