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One Corporate System Overview  
A message from Wayne

The One Corporate System (or OCS as it is called) represents a new way of doing things in the CGIAR. Here at WorldFish we are developing it with ten other centres and as such OCS will become a fully integrated system, which will link us to one another in a more constructive way. Most excitingly, we will be installing the new system at all of our country offices. This will make a significant difference. It will give all our offices access to business information and the ability to operate in “real time”. OCS will enable us to collaborate easily with most of the centres in the CG and importantly with most of our partner centres in CRPs. The roll out of all participating centres is expected to be complete by the end of 2013.
So plainly and simply what will this system do for us? Just to highlight a few things – it will facilitate the circulation of information, improve our analysis capabilities, help us in project management, provide a central hub for both regional and country offices to find up-to-date information, open up an avenue to help us collaborate and learn from other CGIAR centres. It will also give us the ability to better coordinate our efforts in the CGIAR Research Programs, and help us produce better reports – automatically.
Developing and installing this software is a long process involving nine other centres and two implementation stages. The first stage is the development of a universal platform, which forms the backbone of the system and is common to all centres. This is sometimes referred to as the “Base Build”. This will incorporate the requirements of operating in an environment that includes specific needs of both CRPs and centres.
The second, and probably the more important stage for us at WorldFish, is localisation. This is where we ensure that the specific needs of WorldFish are met.
An important part of the localisation process starts with us thinking about how we want to operate in the future at a higher level (the objective behind the two internal OCS meetings that have just taken place) and then the translation of these goals into detailed procedures and workflows.The localisation of the system will redefine our working processes and authorisation matrix and will deliver access to WorldFish’s main operating system to all offices for the first time. In terms of timeline we expect stage one to be complete by July. This will then be tested by all the centres with stage two expected to be completed and live on 1st December.
How can you be involved? You can help make sure that this system does what we need it to do and how we need it to do it, especially when it comes to supporting our scientific activity. We invite your ideas and contributions at any time, either directly to me; to David Porras the project leader, or you can talk to me as I visit all locations prior to the system launch. There is a CGIAR-wide OCS google site being set up and we will make use of this along with the Project Change newsletter and microsite to keep you informed about development of OCS and of the various initiatives that will be supporting its deployment.
It is important to note that the go live date is just the start. The system has been designed and built so that it is flexible and we will, and expect to continue to make changes and adaptations in the year after installation. I know that the tendency with new systems is to let the “support staff or HQ” deal with it, but I encourage you to think about what you want and need and we will try to accommodate these needs; if not at the first stage certainly with later updates.
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