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One Corporate System Program Detail  
The OCS initiative was started before the CGIAR change process and was initiated because many stakeholders wanted to have  more effective management of our enterprise and operating environment. Some of the key elements of this change are:
•    The development of the CRPs
•    The changes in funding flows associated with the development of the CRPs.
•    The requirement for better information flows and more precise analysis
•    The greater emphasis on outcomes and impacts (as laid out in the CGIAR Strategy and Results Framework)
We recognised that many of the existing systems within WorldFish are increasingly no longer fit for purpose, nor are they well integrated with each other.
What OCS will deliver
OCS has been adopted and is being designed to help us respond more effectively and more efficiently within this changing operating environment, and to help us meet our strategic objectives.  OCS will integrate activity across the core business processes of Research Management, Budgeting and Financial Control and Resource Management within WorldFish.
The core of OCS will be common across the Consortium including the Consortium Office and all the participating Centers. This will greatly facilitate the cross center flow of information and CGIAR level reporting to donors. Each center will also be able to adapt and build on the core to create an integrated system that fits their unique ways of working.
OCS will deliver specific business benefits such as:
•    Delivery of up to date and accurate management and performance information.
•    Built in compliance with the CGIAR Consortium, Centres, and CRPs reporting requirements.
•    An improved service for internal and external customers.
•    Enforced single entry and centrally held data for effective data management.
•    More efficient working practices by maximising the use of technology and where possible the automation of processes.
•    Allow support staff to provide greater professional support to managers and scientists.
•    Integration with other business tools / software.
•    Accessibility of ‘real time’ data from all country and regional offices.
OCS is built around the core business process
The three core business processes in OCS are research management, budgeting and financial control and resource management.
Research Management is the ‘backbone’ business process for the whole organisation. It describes the steps of identifying, securing, using and then reporting on and closing the donor grants that provide the financial resources to WorldFish. The Research Management process breaks down into seven connected steps, and in reference to this is often referred to as the ‘7 Steps’.
The Budgeting and Financial Control, and Resource Management processes support the successful delivery of the Research Management process.
How OCS is being developed and implemented
Much of the detailed groundwork for the development and implementation of OCS was laid during 2011. It started with investigating the commonalities and differences of core business processes and relationships across the participating CGIAR centers.
During the 2012 the pace and quantity of activity has increased significantly. Three Centres, IRRI, CIP and WorldFish are in the vanguard of the development of the system. Each has their own development timeline but they are dovetailed together to maximise the opportunities for sharing resource and supporting each other. In fact the core system has been built by a team from WorldFish, CIP and IRRI working together at WorldFish over the last few months. The “Go Live” of OCS for WorldFish is scheduled for December 1, 2012. The key activities and milestones between now and then are:
End of July Completion of Base Build testing.
July and August Localisation, mapping of workflows, approvals and other WorldFish specific elements
August to November 2 day workshops in each program country to engage staff in understanding the changing operating environment and the role of OCS in responding to this
Sept 10-14 Detailed review and sign-off of the Localisation design
By 15 October Build of Localisation elements and testing completed
By end of November Data Migration planned and completed
End of November Training starts for end system users. The program of training will run well into 2013. As key users of the system have been involved in system development we expect that this will ease initial adoption.
December through to the end of 2013 Continuing development and refining of the system and the end-user experience
Technical Details
OCS is built on the Agresso Business World platform. Aggresso Business World is an enterprise management software solution that has been specifically developed to meet the needs of project based organisations. It is widely used in universities throughout the world and is used by the UK Department for International Development as the platform on which to run much of their business.
The Consortium and the Centers have chosen the ‘assisted build’ process for the development of OCS and are  supported in this by a consultancy with Unit 4. Internal staff are trained in the design and build of the system and then work in conjunction with Unit 4 consultants to develop and build a system that meets their specific needs. The great advantage of this approach is that it develops significant in-house knowledge of the system; these skills can then be used to further refine and enhance the system over time.
If you are looking for more information
WorldFish has chosen to engage people widely across the organisation in thinking around the development of OCS. This involvement and engagement will continue and increase in the months leading up to “Go Live”. Two key activities are planned.
1. A series of workshops in Penang and in each of the program countries to engage staff in discussion about the changes in operating environment, and the role that OCS will play in assisting response to those changes.
2. Providing current information on the implementation through Project Change newsletters and on the CGIAR OSC google site (http://ocs.cgxchange.org/). This information will help to keep everyone up to date with the current status of the project, dates and agendas for workshops and training, and an interactive forum for questions and discussion.
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