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Organizational Development Overview  
A message from Diane
WorldFish has an exciting and inspirational strategy that will take us to 2017 and beyond. The vision is clear, but for some the path is less defined. There is a lot of activity, lots of changes and everybody is busy doing good and important things: but how can we be sure that we’re all doing the right things?
There are some important questions being asked by staff across the organization as we try to understand how the work we’re doing as individuals and teams is going to help us to achieve our big strategic goals. All of us come to work each day to give our best and we want to support and be part of the changes taking place at WorldFish, but it’s not always clear how we can do that.
This is where Organizational Development (OD) can help. OD is a planned and systematic approach to enable sustained organizational performance through the involvement of our people.  At WorldFish we’re going to achieve that by addressing 4 key areas:
1. Leadership
2. Performance and Accountability
3. Capability Building
4. Culture
We’ve scheduled a number of targeted activities across the next 3 years. These are summarized on an OD roadmap, which we will continually refine to align with organizational priorities. The roadmap can be found on the Organizational Development - Program Detail link. In case you don’t have the time to look through this detail, here are some of the important workshops and programs scheduled this year.
Where? When? What?
Penang May Leaders, managers and staff change skills workshops
Philippines 14-16 June Thriving during change, team effectiveness
Bangladesh Late July Introduction to leading during change
Penang (CDRD) August 2 Team effectiveness program
Penang (People and OD) Q3 TBD Team effectiveness program (refresher)
Solomon Islands 20-25 August Leading and thriving during change, team effectiveness
Egypt 3-8 September Leading and thriving during change, performance accountability and coaching skills
TBD 8-12 October SLT Leadership Development– ‘Leaders developing leaders’
Penang (Finance & Accounting) Q4 TBD Team effectiveness program
Cambodia and Zambia/Malawi Q4 TBC  
TBD  29 Oct- 3 Nov Emerging Leaders development program
If there is any aspect of Organizational Development that you are not clear on, please ask. I’m here to help.


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