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Thriving Through Change  
There are three major phases in organizational change: envisioning the change, engaging people in the organization in the change, and executing planned changes. Our strategy document was designed to provide all stakeholders with a good understanding of what we will do as we seek to achieve our goals. Through the strategy you should be able to envision the impact of the changes underway.
During the next couple of years, we’ll be working together through engagement and execution phases. There will be opportunities to discuss your personal responses to change and to better understand how to lead others through change. We’ll also be exploring ways for your teams to be more effective in executing operating plans and objectives.
As we work towards achieving the goals laid out in the WorldFish strategy, we’ll be addressing the drivers of organizational transformation. You’ll hear a lot more discussion about leadership accountability and will see an investment in building leadership capacity across the organization – leadership of teams, leadership in science and research, programmatic leadership and corporate leadership. We’ll also invest in capability building to ensure that we have the right people in the right places doing the right things, and there will be an increased focus on integrated planning and measurement of effectiveness to provide the glue that keeps us all on track.
In the same way that organizational transformation needs to be led and managed, we will need to provide leadership and management support for staff across the organization to move from the current state to the future state. You’ll see a lot more team building activity as we move together and individually through a period of change, and you’ll hear a lot more about performance and accountability as we start doing some new things and stop doing things that no longer align with our goals.
2. ORGANIZATIONAL TRANSFORMATION: A scorecard for change readiness
We’ll be tracking and measuring our progress as we move through change, and will share results so that we can all take ownership for success. One of the ways we can see how we are doing is through our  Business Readiness Scorecard. This  reflects responses to a series of statements about change readiness and implementation that we have collected from staff over the past few months at OD workshops. We currently have data from Penang, Zambia and the Philippines. Bangladesh, the Solomons and Egypt data will be included by early September. These data allow us look at our success and adjust 2013 plans to ensure that our resources and efforts are well focused.
The scorecard highlights how we are on a scale from 1 to 5 with 1 = just starting and 5 = fully there. If you are interested in knowing more about the scorecard contact Di.
3. INDIVIDUAL TRANSITIONS: A model for dealing with change
It’s normal that when change is occurring some will find it harder to let go of the past and to change and others will welcome change and the new opportunities it brings. As we go through the changes, your leaders, managers and supervisors will be supporting you and having conversations on the challenges you’re experiencing. Don’t hesitate to ask if there are aspects that are troubling you.
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