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Project Change Overview  
As many of you will have realized by now, implementing our Strategy and in particular, taking advantage of the opportunity the CGIAR Research Programs offer as vehicles for delivering our research, will require us to change many aspects of our operation and culture. To help us make those changes three important initiatives have now been put in place: Corporate Identity (branding), One Corporate System, and Organizational Development. These change initiatives are collectively referred to as Project Change.
Project Change is one tool we are using to help make sure you know what’s going on. One component of the project is a series of e-newsletters that will be sent to all staff. Another aspect is the Project Change microsite. In this microsite you will find overviews and specific details of each of the initiatives. We’ve included a link to other resources such as articles or sites that can provide more information on change and change processes. And if you should miss one of the e-newsletters, there is an archive on the site to catch up on what was sent out previously. We’ve also included a section we are calling “Change Conversations” – short reflective or informative briefs recounting some aspect of the change process.
The content on the microsite will be regularly updated to tell you about the latest developments from each of the three change initiatives, so please continue to visit the site. And most importantly – tell us what you think! We really do want to hear your thoughts and ideas about WorldFish and Project Change.
I have no doubt that the direction set by our Strategy Update,  the CGIAR Research Programs and the three Project Change initiatives will help WorldFish stay at the forefront of reducing poverty and hunger by improving fisheries and aquaculture. This in turn will help us capture more funding, do more new and exciting research and help more people.
Together we can build a bigger and better WorldFish, and I for one, am looking forward to the challenge.


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