ACIAR Rice-Fish Systems Symposium Proceedings

ACIAR Rice-Fish Systems Symposium Proceedings
Dubois, M. ; Akester, M. ; Leemans, K. ;Scott, J.; Karim, M. (2019). ACIAR Rice-Fish Systems Symposium Proceedings. Myanmar: WorldFish. Report.
The ACIAR Myanmar Rice-Fish project is aligned with the research program FISH CRP, led by WorldFish and partners. The main objectives in this program are (1) to optimise fish production systems to produce healthy, nutritious food products, (2) reduce inefficiencies in value chains and optimise resource use, and (3) to address barriers that impede the inclusion of fish in the diets of mothers, infants, and young children. Organising an international symposium on Rice-Fish Systems (RFS) fits within the overall objective to spread technologies with the support of public and private sector stakeholders in order to improve governance and natural resource management.The objectives for the symposium are (1) to share knowledge and experiences around the diversity of existing rice-fish systems overall, in Myanmar, and in countries in the region, (2) to present the current status of Myanmar’s policies related to rice-fish systems and to provide an evidence base for policy changes, and (3) to inform decision- and policy makers about the potential benefits of shifting towards integrated fish-agri-food systems.
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