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Over the years, the Codex system has developed various general and commodity-specific standards, guidelines, codes of practices and other recommendations to improve food safety. This brief outlines several key policy recommendations that can help Asian developing countries to comply with the HACCP standard as a process for managing food safety.

This catalog lists more than 69 refereed and 38 non-refereed publications published by The WorldFish Center and papers contributed by the Center's scientists in 2007. It reflects the outcomes of research carried out in collaboration with partners from different countries through the generous support from international investors.

This book chapter sets out to test the hypothesis that fisheries production has declined in the Mekong Basin. Despite the lack of clear evidence of a decline in the overall production of the Mekong fish catches in the past, there are such threats as industrial development, upstream damming, disruptive fishing methods and use of highly hazardous chemicals imported from neighbouring countries which may cause the actual decline in fish catch in the future.