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A Glimpse From the Field: A Ganges Study Tour

The Ganges Basin Development Challenge (GBDC) is working in southern part of Bangladesh and in West Bengal of India. A GBDC field trip visited project sites in the southern part (Barisal, Patuakhali, Khulna, Barguna) of Bangladesh from Oct 31 to Nov 05, 2012.

Fish diversity and fish consumption in Bangladesh

Agricultural biodiversity is important for food and nutritional security, as a safeguard against hunger, a source of nutrients for improved dietary diversity and quality, and strengthening local food systems and environmental sustainability.

Technical Partnership to Improve Aquaculture Activity of SHOUHARDO II Program

The sandy beach at Cox’s Bazar stretches unbroken for further than the eye can see, and is the pride of the Bangladeshi people. Located in the country’s southeastern corner, the beach is a popular tourist destination for Bangladeshis and international visitors alike. Despite this, many of the local communities that call Cox’s Bazar home struggle with food insecurity and poverty.

Timor-Leste to tackle poverty and malnutrition with aquaculture

The government of Timor-Leste has developed a National Aquaculture Development Strategy, designed to help reduce high levels of poverty and chronic malnutrition throughout the country.

Introductory remarks on developing inland aquaculture in Solomon Islands

Developing inland aquaculture in Solomon Islands - Presented by Dr. Mike Phillips at the Farmers Workshop, Malaita, Solomon Islands, on the 22nd of April, 2013.

“She’s just the cleaning lady”: Reflecting on gender norms

I had just arrived at our training venue in Dhaka and watched as the manager stood at the top of the stairs, violently screaming orders at the woman rushing around to help me.

Improving aquaculture feed in Bangladesh

The use of aquaculture feeds in Bangladesh has grown substantially in the past few years, now with over 1 million tonnes of formulated feed being used by aquaculture farmers every year. The rapid growth and use of formulated feeds has helped many aquaculture farmers intensify production and increases yields. The increase in feed use, however, has raised a number of issues, including quality, feed management efficiency and sustainability, among others.

Challenges of Gender Mainstreamed Analyses and Development Interventions in the Bangladesh Delta Landscape

“Why should we bother with gender and equality within the science of poverty reduction and improved nutrition?” asked Doug Beare during a session at the Conference on Climate Smart Agriculture in Davis, California. The special session discussed ways to increase the likelihood that research will influence changes in policies, institutions and technologies.

Fish for nutrition highlighted at Timor-Leste conference

“The biggest problem facing Timor-Leste is malnutrition,” says Excellency Raffael Pereira Goncalves, the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries


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