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Climate change

Economic analysis of climate change adaptation strategies in selected coastal areas in Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam

Climate change with its attendant geophysical hazards is well studied. A great deal of attention has gone into analyzing climate change impacts as well as searching out possible mitigating adaptive strategies. These matters are very real concerns, especially for coastal communities. Such communities are often the most vulnerable to climate change, since their citizens frequently live in abject poverty and have limited capacity to adapt to geophysical hazards.

Simple technology changed fish hatchery production scenario in Bangladesh

Most of the fish hatcheries of Bangladesh are situated at Jessore district. Oxygen concentration in the water of these hatcheries is very low and carbon dioxide level is higher than desired.

Indigenous knowledge to combat climate change

An international forum in Darwin has been told that traditional land management practices are helping to combat the effects of climate change.

A participatory approach for determining adaptation actions

Presented by Dr Sarah Park, at WorldFish HQ, 4th April,2013. This Food for Thought session will provide details of research in development recently conducted in Timor-Leste by a multi-disciplinary team of WorldFish colleagues.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

“She’s just the cleaning lady”: Reflecting on gender norms

I had just arrived at our training venue in Dhaka and watched as the manager stood at the top of the stairs, violently screaming orders at the woman rushing around to help me.

WorldFish Climate change scientists present at Climate-Smart Agriculture Conference

Nhuong Tran presents 'Resilience, adaptability and transformability of coastal aquaculture systems to climate change: the Mekong Delta's case' at the Climate-Smart Agriculture, Global Science Conference, held at the University of California, Davis, from the 20th - 22nd March, 2013.

The Piscivore's Dilemma

Do you try to eat a healthy diet? Are you concerned about the sustainability of fish stocks, the health of marine ecosystems, or the survival of your local fishing community? Do you worry about your carbon footprint? Would you eat fish imported from a developing country if you thought it might deprive a family there of a nutritious meal of their own?

Farms for the future: climate smart farming in Bangladesh

The impact of changing climate patterns in the decades to come will be felt by nations across the globe, but perhaps none more so than Bangladesh. Global sea level rise threaten to inundate the low-lying country, the majority of which lies less than one meter above sea level on the world’s largest river delta.

Blog: Reflections on UN climate change negotiations

Melody Braun reflects on her experiences at the 18th session of the United Nations climate change negotiations in Doha, Qatar in December 2012. Melody is the Bangladesh focal point for the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS).

Gender a central issue for Ganges Basin Development Challenge Program

The second training session on gender for the Ganges Basin Development Challenge Program held on January 23 and 24, in Khulna, Bangladesh, reinforced the need for understanding potential and real impacts of every action or intervention on men and women.


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