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WorldFish Climate change scientists present at Climate-Smart Agriculture Conference

Nhuong Tran presents 'Resilience, adaptability and transformability of coastal aquaculture systems to climate change: the Mekong Delta's case' at the Climate-Smart Agriculture, Global Science Conference, held at the University of California, Davis, from the 20th - 22nd March, 2013.

The Piscivore's Dilemma

Do you try to eat a healthy diet? Are you concerned about the sustainability of fish stocks, the health of marine ecosystems, or the survival of your local fishing community? Do you worry about your carbon footprint? Would you eat fish imported from a developing country if you thought it might deprive a family there of a nutritious meal of their own?

Farms for the future: climate smart farming in Bangladesh

The impact of changing climate patterns in the decades to come will be felt by nations across the globe, but perhaps none more so than Bangladesh. Global sea level rise threaten to inundate the low-lying country, the majority of which lies less than one meter above sea level on the world’s largest river delta.

Blog: Reflections on UN climate change negotiations

Melody Braun reflects on her experiences at the 18th session of the United Nations climate change negotiations in Doha, Qatar in December 2012. Melody is the Bangladesh focal point for the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS).

Gender a central issue for Ganges Basin Development Challenge Program

The second training session on gender for the Ganges Basin Development Challenge Program held on January 23 and 24, in Khulna, Bangladesh, reinforced the need for understanding potential and real impacts of every action or intervention on men and women.

Participatory Action Research on Climate Risk Management, Bangladesh

The rural populations of southern Bangladesh are some of the most vulnerable communities in the world to the future impacts of climate change.

Autonomous adaptation to climate change by shrimp and catfish farmers in Vietnam’s Mekong River delta

Kam, S.P. ; Badjeck, M.C. ; Teh, L. ; Teh, L. ; Tran, N. 2012. Working paper 2012-24. WorldFish. Penang, Malaysia

The Mekong River delta of Vietnam supports a thriving aquaculture industry but is exposed to the impacts of climate change. In particular, sea level rise and attendant increased flooding (both coastal and riverine) and coastal salinity intrusion threaten the long-term viability of this important industry. This working paper summarizes an analysis of the economics of aquaculture adaptation in the delta, focusing on the grow-out of two exported aquaculture species—the freshwater striped catfish and the brackish-water tiger shrimp. The analysis was conducted for four pond-based production systems: catfish in the inland and coastal provinces and improved extensive and semi-intensive/intensive shrimp culture.

Can we afford to adapt? The case of aquaculture in Vietnam

By Caity Peterson
Source: CCAFS Blog

Catfish farmers in Vietnam’s Mekong River Delta are barely scraping by. They operate on the tightest of profit margins – 3% to 5% in a good year – and deal with a highly volatile, boom-and-bust export market.  For an industry that’s already on the brink, could the addition of negative climate change impacts push it over the edge?

Researchers at WorldFish, as part of the project “Investigating the vulnerability of and economics of adapting aquaculture in Vietnam to climate change”, partly funded by the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS), have attempted to calculate the costs of adaptation to these impacts, a first for fisheries and aquaculture at the national level.


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