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Climate change

WorldFish Releases Comprehensive Briefing Note Revealing Shocking Information on Drying of Chilwa Lake in Malawi

Penang, Malaysia (23 July 2012).
WorldFish, an international, non-profit research organization dedicated to reducing poverty and hunger by improving fisheries and aquaculture, have just come up with a detailed report discussing evidences of drying of Lake Chilwa in Malawi. The briefing note has been released as a result of the Lake Chilwa Basin Climate Change Adaptation Program implemented by WorldFish and its program partners including Forestry Research Institute of Malawi, Leadership for Environment and Development-Southern and Eastern Africa/University of Malawi.

Adaptation Pathways: responding to climate change

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) through its Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI) regional technical assistance (RETA) program is providing technical assistance to five Pacific countries. Through one of its programs - "Strengthening coastal and marine resources management in the Coral Triangle of the Pacific (Phase II)" - they are seeking to improve the resilience of coastal and marine ecosystems in the CTI countries of Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Timor-Leste, as well as neighbouring Fiji and Vanuatu, in the face of multiple drivers of change, including climate change.

Acidifying oceans and the future of molluscs: implications for food security?

Expiscor. Podcast by Stephen Hall.
Some of the threats posed by climate change can appear rather esoteric or abstract. One of these is ocean acidification - it is not immediately obvious why we should care. A recent paper by Sara Cooley and colleagues give a good example of why the threat of changing ocean chemistry matters.

Local communities and resource owners play a leading role in managing their own resources

Coastal communities across the Pacific islands of the Solomons, Kiribati and Vanuatu are becoming increasingly concerned as essential marine resources that support hundreds of thousands of people dwindle due to impacts such as climate change and overfishing. In a new phase of an ongoing research project managed by WorldFish and funded by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), this project is a key component in a broad programme of work that seeks to transform the coastal fisheries of Solomon Islands, and beyond that, initiate a process to do the same in Vanuatu and Kiribati.


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