Coral reef economic value and incentives for coral farming in Solomon Islands

This brief was completed as part of the Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Fisheries and Food Security (CTI-CFF) National Program in the Solomon Islands. The research project, "Economic valuation of coral reefs and development of sustainable financing options in the Solomon Islands" was designed to assess the economic value of coral reefs using the aquarium and curio coral trades as an entry point.

Reference area as a factor affecting potential yield estimates of coral reef fishes

A compilation of 48 estimates of Caribbean and Pacific coral reef fish catches, ranging from 0.1 to 23.7 t km super(-2) year super(-1), obtained from coral reef areas ranging from 0.1 to nearly 4-10 super(5) km super(2), are used to show that observed catches, and hence potential yield estimates, depend strongly on the reference area. The implications for coral reef fisheries assessments are discussed.

ReefBase 2.0: a contribution to environmental conservation on a global scale.

The 1997 International Year of the Reef sees the release of ReefBase 2.0: a global database on coral reefs and their resources. It provides the most comprehensive and accessible repository of information to date. Containing information on over 7000 coral reefs in more than 123 countries, ReefBase 2.0 offers an extensive range of time-related data pertaining to coastal tourism, benthic environment ecology, fish population statistics, oceanography, socioeconomics, mariculture, and harvest activities. It also outlines the stresses causing reef degradation as well as management initiatives.

Mafia marine resources in peril.

The rich marine resource of the Mafia District, Tanzania, especially its coral reefs and mangroves, are in danger of collapse. The proposed marine park faces chronic problems of dynamite fishing and coral mining. The Mafia fisheries resources and the importance of coral reefs are presented together with proposed measures to rescue the Mafia marine environment.

Growth of spiny lobster (Panulirus penicillatus) caught off San Vicente, Cagayan, Philippines.

Estimates of growth parameters for male and female Panulirus penicillatus caught in coral reef areas off San Vicente, Cagayan, Philippines are presented. Length-weight relationship parameters are also given. The results indicate that the slope (b) is significantly below 3.0 and does not differ significantly between males and females.


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