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New-concept flood insurance could help Bangladesh's poor

A new insurance scheme in which pre-determined flood thresholds trigger speedy compensation offers hope for poor people in flood-prone Bangladesh, experts say.

Economic analysis of climate change adaptation strategies in selected coastal areas in Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam

This report is an account of a cross-country study that covered Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. Covering four sites (one each in Indonesia and Vietnam) and two sites in the Philippines, the study documented the impacts of three climate hazards affecting coastal communities, namely typhoon/flooding, coastal erosion and saltwater intrusion. It also analyzed planned adaptation options, which communities and local governments can implement, as well as autonomous responses of households to protect and insure themselves from these hazards.

Gender equity contributes to a disaster resilient society

The International Day for Disaster Reduction (IDDR) was observed at the weekend with a rally and seminar held at the University of Dhaka. Participating in the rally was WorldFish Bangladesh and the Swiss Agency for Development & Cooperation.

After the tsunami: Shrimp Aquaculture Farming in Aceh

Experienced farmers in Bangladesh explain how they manage water quality in ponds in low-lying paddy fields in between two cropping seasons, and why it is crucial for fish production

Cyclone-affected aquaculture in Bangladesh promptly restored

In November 2007, Cyclone Sidr hit the southern coastal districts of Bangladesh, taking 3,000 lives and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless and destitute.
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