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Fisheries Management

Assessing the value of fish in the Lower Mekong Basin: A Year in Review

Freshwater capture fisheries in the Lower Mekong Basin provide the regional population with up to 80% of the animal protein in their diet, as well as livelihood opportunities on a vast scale.

Ecosystem-based management objectives for the North Sea: riding the forage fish rollercoaster

The North Sea provides a useful model for considering forage fish (FF) within ecosystem-based management as it has a complex assemblage of FF species. This paper is designed to encourage further debate and dialogue between stakeholders about management objectives.

WorldFish welcomes new E.U. fisheries policy

In a landmark step, the European Union has moved towards making commercial fishing more environmentally sustainable through the overhaul of Europe’s fisheries policy.

New era of fisheries policy needed to secure nutrition for millions

Scientists say better fisheries policies are needed to secure the sustainability of world fish stocks and vital nutrition for millions in the developing world.

Stung Treng Ramsar Site in Cambodia: Integrating Fisheries Management and Wetlands Conservation

An update on the WorldFish project, “Stung Treng Ramsar Site in Cambodia – Integrating Fisheries Management and Wetlands Conservation”, is found in the latest issue of The Babbler, No. 41 (April - June  2012). Please download The Babbler, No. 41 (PDF, 3.7 MB) or read it online (pages 29-30).
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