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Gender transformative research: transforming ourselves first

Last week, the Building Coalitions, Creating Change workshop brought together donors, researchers and practitioners on gender and development to discuss a gender transformative approach to agricultural research in development . The workshop was a major step forward, with participants giving us the benefit of their considerable knowledge, experience and energy. With their help, we have really started to get to grips with putting this concept into practice.

Transformative Gender Research by Rachel Kyte

Message from Rachel Kyte, Chair of CGIAR Fund Council and World Bank Vice President of Sustainable Development

What will it take to deliver a gender transformative approach?

In a previous Expiscor blog post WorldFish Director General Stephen Hall laid out the rationale for adopting a gender transformative approach that goes beyond just considering the symptoms of gender disparity, and addresses the social norms and attitudes that lie behind them. The CGIAR Research Program on Aquatic Agricultural Systems has placed a transformative approach at the heart of its gender strategy. But how can this be turned into a reality?

VIDEO: Rachel Kyte sends a message to the Transformative Gender Research Workshop

Rachel Kyte, Chair of the CGIAR Fund Council and World Bank Vice Presicent of Sustainable Development, sends a video message to the Building Coalitions, Creating Change workshop to highlight gender disparities in agricultural development. "Globally, only 10-20% of land owners are women, and in many countries that number is even lower. Female farmers tend to have smaller plots with poorer soils," she says.

Gender Transformative Research: An Imperative

I believe a gender transformative approach is key if WorldFish is to achieve the development impacts it is looking for – but what is it and how will it affect our organizational culture?

Conversation on Gender Research

Stephen Hall and Patrick Dugan sit down to have a candid conversation about the state of gender research, and where they see the future of research for development heading in a gender transformative way. This is in response to the upcoming workshop, 'Building Coalitions, Creating Change', on gender research for agricultural development being held at the WorldFish headquarters in Penang, Malaysia from the 3rd to the 5th of October.


Gender transformative change - a key to lasting agricultural development impact

Despite decades of agricultural research and development efforts, the challenges of poverty and hunger persist. There is a growing recognition that integrating gender issues effectively in such efforts will help to improve food security, wellbeing and equity.

Conversation on Gender Research

The Director General of WorldFish, Steve Hall and Patrick Dugan, Director of the CGIAR Research Program on Aquatic Agricultural Systems share a candid conversation on gender research.


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