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Reflections on Gender Transformative Research

Stephen reflects on a recent workshop on the new approach to gender research, transforming agricultural development.

Social transformation to end gender inequalities

Despite 40 years of gender being on the development agenda, inequalities have persisted which are greatly hampering progress in reducing poverty and food insecurity. A rethink is needed in how agricultural research and development addresses gender, with a new focus on approaches that challenge the norms and power relations that enable social inequalities to exist and persist. This was the consensus among participants at a recent workshop organised by WorldFish to discuss new approaches to integrating gender in agricultural development.

Rural women farmers play vital role in eradicating poverty and hunger

Jessore, Bangladesh (4-5 November 2012).
Rural women play a major role in improving the overall well being of their households and communities by achieving food and nutrition security, generating income, and improving rural livelihoods.
However, they face various constraints which hamper their efforts to uplift their lives and those around them.

Podcast: Stephen Hall's expectations of GCARD 2012

Dr. Stephen Hall speaks to us from GCARD and his expectations of the conference; partnership, thinking with small-holder famers and gender issues for agricultural development.

Closing Malaysia gender gap in farming brings stronger economy to region

(WNN/SD) Penang, MALAYSIA, ASIA: Productivity losses due to the agriculture ”gender gap” are straining global economies, a conference has heard. This was the consensus of gender scientists and agricultural researchers at a workshop in Malaysia that aimed to develop an agenda for gender transformative research for the agricultural sector.
The conference, held in Penang this month, was convened by the CGIAR Consortium. According to Paula Kantor, a senior gender scientist at the Malaysia-based WorldFish, gender disparities persist in “access to resources, markets and technologies, even after decades of research and interventions on gender”.

Gender equity contributes to a disaster resilient society

The International Day for Disaster Reduction (IDDR) was observed at the weekend with a rally and seminar held at the University of Dhaka. Participating in the rally was WorldFish Bangladesh and the Swiss Agency for Development & Cooperation.

Gender transformative approach crucial for successful agricultural development

Despite decades of agricultural research and development efforts, the challenges of poverty and hunger persist. Experts now recognize that effectively integrating gender issues in such projects will help to improve food security, wellbeing and equity.


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