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Access to innovations transforms the lives of women fish processors

Moving along the shores of Lake Chilwa in Malawi selling cooked cassava and fritters was once a typical day for 30-year-old Ida Likhomo.

WorldFish nominees wins Science Awards from the CGIAR

Two CGIAR awards were won by WorldFish teams in 2004: the CGIAR Outstanding Partnership Award went to Community-based Fisheries Management, a partnership coordinated by WorldFish in Bangladesh; and the FishBase Team won the CGIAR Outstanding Scientific Support Award for its scientific work in developing FishBase. read full story

Improved value chains

Fish Market, Cambodia
As a research organization dedicated to helping achieve development impact we generate and synthesize new knowledge which we then share and help apply. One of the key research questions that we address is: “How can we improve input and output value chains to increase the development impact of aquaculture and fisheries?”
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