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Livestock and Fish

Optimizing benefits from the Egyptian farmed fish value chain

Egyptian aquaculture is booming, yet greater fish quality and effective industry support are still needed. A value chain approach is helping research and development partners overcome barriers to sustainable growth.

Considerations about dissemination of improved fish strains

Aquaculture production systems in developing countries are largely based on the use of unimproved species and strains. As knowledge and experience are accumulated in relation to the management, feeding and animal health issues of such production systems, the availability of genetically more productive stock becomes imperative in order to more effectively use resources.

Iceboxes help women fish retailers find profits

A group of women fish retailers in the Egyptian region of Shakshouk near Fayoum are realizing better profits from the sale after of their fish due to the acquisition of iceboxes.  Iceboxes help them keep their fish fresh in the market, allowing them to sell more stock each day.


Going to scale with development partners: Lessons learned for livestock livelihoods

The Second Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development will be held in Uruguay at the end of this month (29 October to 1 November). GCARD2 will take stock of how far the international agricultural research community has come, and what remains to be done, to better meet the needs of smallholders. Among the themes of the conference are the kinds and levels of agricultural research partnerships needed to achieve development impacts at scale.

Lifestock and Fish

ILRI and WorldFish Management Meeting strengthens partnership

Senior management leaders from ILRI and WorldFish came together on Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 August at WorldFish headquarters in Penang, to share their experiences and lessons as partners in the CGIAR Research Program on Livestock and Fish (L&F).

Value Chain Workshop builds cohesive research approach

Source: Livestock & Fish
WorldFish recently hosted a workshop on value chains, which aimed to provide a common understanding of what value chains are, and develop a cohesive approach to working with them. Spanning two days, the workshop brought together experts from across the WorldFish research divisions and country offices, and was a great opportunity to assess the type of value chain research being conducted at WorldFish.

Investing in small-scale aquaculture: the triple bottom line

In 2008 over 90% of global aquaculture production was in developing countries with the industry often dominated by small and medium scale enterprises. This growing demand for aquaculture products presents opportunities for improving the incomes and livelihoods of rural households across the aquaculture value chain – from fish fry production and nursing through to fish production, trading, marketing and services.


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