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Access to innovations transforms the lives of women fish processors

Moving along the shores of Lake Chilwa in Malawi selling cooked cassava and fritters was once a typical day for 30-year-old Ida Likhomo.

Decision support for water management for integrating aquaculture in small-scale irrigation systems: a case for the Chingale catchment in Malawi

A three-year project was funded by the BMZ/GIZ to examine the benefits of integrating aquaculture and small scale irrigation by identifying improved water allocation and management strategies under current and future climate change scenarios. An integrated modeling approach was adopted to analyze the complex issues involved in the decision processes.

Ex-ante impact evaluation: case studies from Malawi, Bangladesh and Ghana

This document presents ex-ante impact evaluations of research for development projects related to aquaculture in Bangladesh, Malawi and Ghana. The Ghana chapter also includes an ex-ante evaluation of a fisheries project. The case studies utilized preliminary versions of guidelines developed specifically for ex-ante evaluations of aquaculture and fisheries projects. The guidelines, found in A Practical Guide for Ex-Ante Impact Evaluations in Fisheries and Aquaculture, are designed to provide an approach for a qualitative examination of the potential for a project to deliver impacts.

A practical guide for ex-ante impact evaluation in fisheries and aquaculture

This guide provides a framework for ex-ante evaluation of fisheries and aquaculture projects in developing countries. Ex-ante impact evaluations check the potential of a project or program to deliver benefits from proposed interventions.

Ex-ante assessment of integrated aquaculture-agriculture adoption and impact in Southern Malawi

There are increasing requirements for impact assessment by development partners in order to increase the accountability and effectiveness of research and development projects.

Waste not Want Not

Malawi is one of the world's poorest countries, with many of its 12.1 million population in need of food and medical assistance. Its food security situation is precarious and the country is prone to natural disasters of both extremes -- from drought to heavy rainfalls - putting it in constant need of thousands of tonnes of food aid every year.


Fish, another weapon in the battle against HIV/AIDS

WorldFish and partners in Zambia are studying the best approach to countering HIV/AIDS with improved nutrition. Evidence is emerging that good nutrition helps prevent or slow the onset of AIDS-related illness for people living with HIV, partly by improving the efficacy of antiretroviral drugs.


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