Value-chain analysis: an assessment methodology to estimate Egyptian aquaculture sector performance

Egypt's aquaculture production (705,490 tonnes in 2009) is by far the largest of any African country and places it 11th in terms of global aquaculture production. The aquaculture sector in Egypt is now a mature one having developed over a period of more than 30 years, but the financial performance of the sector is not well understood or documented, even though value-chain analysis provides a methodological tool to do so.

Techniques for handling large pond and farm datasets

Details are given of techniques to be used in the handling of large amounts of data in the field of aquaculture. Two examples are given where different types of multivariate data analyses are performed on the compiled datasets to identify and quantify the effects of key variables governing growth and production of fish in manured pond systems cultivating tilapia and carp.

Application of length-based stock assessments to Kuwait's fish stocks

This article examines the suitability of length-based methods for providing regular assessments of the stocks of the more important commercial fish species in Kuwait. To date, comparisons of age-based and length-based methods have been carried out for 3 species, the croaker Otolithes argenteus , red snapper, Lutjanus coccineus and the grouper Epinephelus tauvina . Results so far indicate a stock assessment reliability equal to that based on age composition data plus a saving in manpower and capital.

Recent developments in the methodology available for the assessment of exploited fish stocks of reservoirs

Recently developed fish stock assessment methods are briefly presented which could be used for the management of the fish stocks of African reservoirs. These methods include length-structured versions of Virtual Population Analysis which seem particularly suited to reservoirs because a) they do not include any equilibrium assumption; and b) they can be used in conjunction with such highly selective gears as gillnets.


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