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Livestock and Fish

Value-chain analysis of Egyptian aquaculture

Macfadyen, G., Allah, A.M.N., Kenawy, D.A.R., Ahmed, M.F.M., Hebicha, H., Diab, A., Hussein, S.M., Abouzied, R.M. and Naggar, G. El.
Project Report 2011-54. WorldFish. Penang, Malaysia. 84 p.

Alleviating poverty through aquaculture: progress, opportunities and improvements

Alleviating poverty through aquaculture: progress, opportunities and improvements

Little, D.C. ; Barman, B.K. ; Belton, B. ; Beveridge, M.C. ; Bush, S.J. ; Dabaddie, L. ; Demaine, H. ; Edwards, P. ; Haque, M.M. ; Kibria, G. ; Morales, E. ; Murray, F.J. ; Leschen, W.A. ; Nandeesha, M.C. ; Sukadi, F.

Major project launched to assess value of freshwater fisheries

PHNOM PENH (Cambodia Herald) - Local and international fisheries scientists and economists gathered Thursday for the inception of a major four-year research project to assess the value of freshwater capture fisheries in Cambodia.

African aquaculture: development beyond the fish farm

Despite global hunger declining, the number of people going hungry in Africa remains high with 30% of people reported to be undernourished in 2010. Fish are an important source of food for many African people, providing around 18% of their animal protein, but with a growing and rapidly urbanizing population and capture fisheries largely reaching their limit, many African countries are now looking towards aquaculture to supply an increasing demand for fish.

Advancing aquaculture production with better quality fish seed

The Greater Noakhali and Greater Barisal areas of southern Bangladesh include large numbers of rivers, ponds, floodplains, waterlogged paddy fields, canals and tributaries of the Meghna River. These areas have a long history of fisheries production. In the past, fish farmers have depended on natural fish seed collected from breeding grounds such as Halda River. However, the expansion and intensification of aquaculture has reached a point where the demand for fish seed can only be satisfied by hatchery production.


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