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Healthy links: assessing food safety throughout the value chain

Putting enough food on the table is a daily challenge faced by households around the world. Ensuring that the food contains enough protein and essential micronutrients is a further consideration, and animal products, such as fish and meat from livestock can go a long way to improving the diets of the world’s poor. In addition, small-scale production of animal source foods can be a pathway out of poverty for many communities.

Governance of Global Value Chains in Response to Food Safety and Certification Standards: The Case of Shrimp from Vietnam

We use global value chain (GVC) theory to understand governance of Vietnam’s shrimp farming industry. We describe this GVC as buyer-driven with important food safety standards imposed by governments of importing countries and new certification systems promoted by nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).

Livestock and Fish

Value-chain analysis of Egyptian aquaculture

Macfadyen, G., Allah, A.M.N., Kenawy, D.A.R., Ahmed, M.F.M., Hebicha, H., Diab, A., Hussein, S.M., Abouzied, R.M. and Naggar, G. El.
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Alleviating poverty through aquaculture: progress, opportunities and improvements

Alleviating poverty through aquaculture: progress, opportunities and improvements

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Major project launched to assess value of freshwater fisheries

PHNOM PENH (Cambodia Herald) - Local and international fisheries scientists and economists gathered Thursday for the inception of a major four-year research project to assess the value of freshwater capture fisheries in Cambodia.


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