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CBFM-2 International conference on community based approaches to fisheries management

scientists and development practioners from all over the world to share experiences in co-mangement ...

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Report of the first policy advisory group meeting of the regional programme "Fisheries and HIV/AIDS: Investing in sustaining solution"

Republic of Congo (DRC), Cameroon, Nigeria, Malawi, Mozambique, Uganda and Zambia. In all eight countries, ...

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Seasonal food availability: Barotse floodplain system

all-inclusive seasonal food availability calendar of the AAS Barotse floodplain communities, and discusses ...

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Barotse Royal Establishment

the earth’ or ‘owner of the earth,’ signifying that the BRE is caretaker of all the lands of the Lozi ...

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Ministry of Health, Zambia

of Zambia, responsible for designing, managing and implementing all government intervention in the health ...

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Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, Zambia

and managing all government activities within the agricultural and livestock sectors. MoAL facilitates ...

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Department of Fisheries, Zambia

by employing research, extension strategies, training programs and promoting public/private partnerships at all ...

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African Union - Interafrican Bureau for Animal Resources

Communities (RECs) to expand their investments in all aspects of animal resources. AU-IBAR provides a pool ...

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Diversifying diets for improved health in Zambia’s Barotse floodplain

nutrition and low farm productivity, undernutrition is widespread in the area, with more than half of all ...

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