Salaphoum: learning from experiences in villager led action research

This DVD is a community produced film made on location in two Salaphoum villages in Stung Treng, NE Cambodia. It forms part of an ongoing social research initiative supported by teh local NGO CEPA and the WorldFish Center, with financial support provided by Sida through the Wetlands Alliance. The film documents some of the process adn experiences of conducting villager led research and includes video interviews with Salaphoum researchers, research assistants, NGO staff and local authorities.

Learning from experiences: reflections on the Salaphoum: village led research process

This book has been documented by village researchers from seven villages in communities and districts along Mekong River in Stung Treng province and facilitated by research assistants from the Culture and Environment Preservation Association (CEPA) with support from the WorldFish Center team under the Wetlands Alliance Program.

Climate change and fisheries: vulnerability and adaptation in Cambodia [Khmer version]

Cambodia is highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change on fisheries, which supply livelihoods for millions and up to 80% of all animal protein in the diet. Most fisheries are highly variable by nature and subject to environmental change, including climate change. Hydropower dam construction, intensified fishing pressure and macroeconomic drivers are likely to affect Cambodian fisheries more immediately and visibly than climate change.

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