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Rural women revolutionize the fight against malnutrition in Odisha, India


Linking locally-sourced aquatic foods with food and nutrition policies in the coastal state of Odisha, India is revolutionizing the fight against malnutrition and…

Nutrition, Gender • 15 Oct 2021

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Global research effort sets the stage for an aquatic food future 


Food systems account for half of the earth’s biocapacity and are responsible for 25 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions, straining the planet’s ability to sustain…

Climate, Nutrition • 14 Oct 2021

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Four strategies to achieve inclusive and equitable aquatic food systems


Since 2014, women participation in aquatic food systems have reached about half of the workforce in the sector. However, their involvement is usually in less valuable…

Gender, Small-scale fisheries • 14 Oct 2021

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Big Facts on Aquatic Foods


million number of people around the world who depend on small-scale fisheries and aquaculture for their livelihoods.


million tons - the volume of aquatic food production by 2030.


million - number of people engaged in the primary sector of fisheries and aquaculture in 2018.


trillion - the value of the ocean economy, including fisheries, shipping lanes and tourism.