Director General

As Director General, Dr. Blake Ratner is responsible for the overall leadership, operation, and management of WorldFish, which now includes over 350 staff in ten country and regional offices. His responsibilities include promoting dialogue with partners and investors to identify opportunities to jointly pursue our goals in line with the new strategy, raising the profile of fisheries and aquaculture as pathways to development impact, and ensuring the health and vitality of the organization in pursuit of our mission. 

Blake was most recently Director of Research at WorldFish, with strategic oversight of the research agenda, science quality and research partnerships. In this role, Blake led the reorganization of the Center’s research into three programs focused on sustainable aquaculture; resilient small-scale fisheries; and value chains and nutrition. Since joining WorldFish in 2003, he served as the first Regional Director for the Greater Mekong, then Program Leader for Governance. A passionate advocate of applied research to support development innovation, Blake has led programs in Southeast Asia and East Africa to strengthen capacity to manage competition and catalyze collaboration for resilient rural livelihoods and equitable natural resource governance, with a focus on small-scale fisheries. With 20 years post-doctoral research and program leadership experience, he has authored over 65 journal articles, policy reports, book chapters and edited volumes on rights, equity, and accountability in environmental decision-making. Blake previously worked at the World Bank and the World Resources Institute, and early in his career worked with social entrepreneurs in local NGOs in Central America and the Middle East. Blake is fluent in French, Spanish, and Khmer, and holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Sociology and a professional Masters in Development Administration, both from Cornell University.

Languages: English, French, Spanish, Khmer
Location: Malaysia
Contact: b.ratner@cgiar.org

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