Head, Communications and Marketing Department (Interim)

Paul Stapleton is the Interim Head of Communications while a long-term Director of Communications is being hired. Paul has over thirty years' experience in scientific communications, from editing a primary biochemistry journal at Elsevier Scientific to running communications programs in developing countries. He has been Head of  Communications at Bioversity (then IPGRI), CIP and ICRAF, as well as the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) in Samoa. He has also held long-term consultancies with CIFOR and IWMI. Paul has wide experience as a writer and editor of all forms of scientific publication, as well as digital and knowledge-management programmes in scientific and non-profit organizations across the world. He designed and mounted large-scale exhibitions for the UN International Year of the Potato and the International Year of Forests, and has written several guides to science communication.


Languages: English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Bahasa Indonesia, French (in order of fluency)
Location: Malaysia

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