Prof. Tony Haymet is a distinguished scientist, educator, policy advisor and business development leader. He is an elected fellow of the Australian Academy of Engineering. He was the tenth director of Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and is currently the emeritus director and distinguished professor emeritus of oceanography at Scripps, a 114-year-old, USD 200 million geoscience institution of over 1600 people working in solid earth, seismology, oceans and atmosphere, fisheries and marine biology. Dr. Haymet was chief of marine and atmospheric research, overseeing five laboratories around Australia, and then science and policy director for CSIRO, Australia’s science, industry and business research agency. 

Tony Haymet is also co-founder and former chair of CleanTech San Diego, a 501c6 business organization promoting and supporting clean technology businesses, now with over 100 members.  Haymet and business partners control MRV Systems LLC, a for-profit company manufacturing ocean robots. Haymet spun MRV out of Scripps in 2010. 

Director, Oceans Minderoo Foundation and Vice Chair of the Board, Chair of Governance Committee