Great Britain

Dr Yvonne Pinto is the Managing Director of ALINE Impact Limited a strategy, performance management and evidence consultancy focused on performance, evidence and adaptive management. Since 1999 she has been engaged in advancing agricultural development through philanthropic efforts as a senior member of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Africa Executive of the Gatsby Charitable Foundation. She was involved in the creation and management of multiple institutions such as the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, African Agricultural Capital and the Kilimo Trust among others. She has a background in Agriculture, Biotechnology and Disease Control and extensive experience with the construction and establishment of Boards and governance structures for non profit institutions. She has  a focus on using fundamental tools for the advancement and resilience of crops and animals in the South. She is a Trustee of the Kilimo Trust, and member of Advisory Committees on Impact Evaluation, Gender Equity, Innovation and Commercialisation, vector borne diseases and is a member of the CGIAR System Management Board.




Board Chair